MASS design group

MASS Design Group

Organisation type: Non-Profit Organization
Address: 334 Boylston Street Suite 400
Boston, Massachusetts 02116 USA
Region: International
Established: 2008

MASS design group began in 2008 during the design and building of the Butaro District Hospital in Rwanda; a project of Partners In Health and the Rwandan Ministry of Health. Since then, MASS has expanded to work in over a dozen countries in Africa and the Americas. Our work spans the design of buildings, research, policy, education, and strategic planning.

Architecture is not neutral; it either helps or hurts. Architecture is a mechanism that projects its values far beyond a building’s walls and into the lives of communities and people. To acknowledge that architecture has this kind of agency and power is to acknowledge that buildings, and the industry that erects them, are as accountable for social injustices as they are critical levers to improve the communities they serve.

The stakes are too high, and the accountability too low, not to insist that architects do something to address these challenges. This is why we started MASS Design Group.  

We set up MASS Design Group as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to create a model of practice optimized to deliver maximum impact to our partners and the communities they serve.

“Architecture is never neutral. It either heals or hurts. Our mission is to research, build, and advocate for architecture that promotes justice and human dignity.”

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Terrapin Bright Green

Terrapin Bright Green

Terrapin Bright Green


Organisation type: Design Consultancy
Address: New York, United States of America
Region: International
Phone: +1 646 460 8400


Terrapin is a sustainability consulting firm committed to creating a healthier world. We help our clients set and meet sustainability goals that lead to the improved health and well-being of employees and ecosystems as well as the enhanced performance of their products and systems. We accomplish this through workshops, research, planning, guidelines, and product development.


Health & Wellbeing
They improve access to research in psychology, physiology, and neuroscience for designers, owners, and investors to create a new paradigm for a built environment that is healthy, productive, and profitable.

They improve biodiversity through a deep analysis of place at the outset of each engagement and integrate ecological restoration when appropriate.

They improve financial returns by looking beyond incremental opportunities, developing projects that radically improve efficiency and productivity while maintaining a realistic ROI.

Systems Integration
They improve systems integration through a holistic design process and a deep understanding of current technologies, yielding unique solutions with state-of-the-shelf equipment.

Water Management
They improve water utilization by identifying the appropriate quality and efficiency to meet our clients’ needs, minimizing environmental impacts and addressing changing patterns of water accessibility.

Energy Utilization
They improve energy efficiency and system resiliency for energy-independent, net-producer buildings that represent a new model for carbon-neutral, energy-secure towns and cities.

Climate Resiliency
They improve climate resiliency through holistic strategies that address environmental and social vulnerabilities, such as poorly functioning ecosystems and fragile communities.

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Omgevingspsycholoog (Dutch)

Omgevingspsycholoog (Dutch)

International Association People-Environment Studies (IAPS)

Organisation type: Design consultancy
Address: Abraham van Beyerenstraat 4 
2525 TG The Hague, Netherlands

Omgevingspsycholoog is a Dutch environmental psychology consultancy agency involved in a wide range of projects. They also write interesting and easy to read articles about applications of environmental psychology on their blog, with topics ranging from “how to design a socially safe place” to the “psychology of a classroom.” However, all content is in Dutch, but for those of you non-Dutch, perhaps you can have a go at it with Google translator… (it works surprisingly well for a lot of content).

  • Catering and retail
  • Office and labour
  • Mobility and public transport
  • Education and learning
  • Recreation and tourism
  • Housing
  • Care and Geriatrics

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