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Research Design Connections is the premier magazine for people who want to stay up-to-date on design-relevant research in the social, physical, and design sciences. Its readers are in professional practice or academic groups, or both, worldwide. They all need to know everything that objective, unbiased science can tell them about how our experiences in the physical world influence how we think and behave.

Research Design Connections (RDC) summarizes, in everyday language, the design-related findings of newly published studies in the peer-reviewed press—the sort of research that’s rigorously derived and reliable. It combines the resulting insights with those from respected, earlier studies.  What results are powerful articles packed with the need-to-know information required to design spaces that, for example: enhance performance at workplaces, schools, healthcare facilities and elsewhere; increase creative thinking; improve health; smooth socializing and getting along with others; spur sales; and foster well-being and positive mental states. RDC also regularly covers how cultures (national, organizational, etc.) and personality influence the experience of designed and natural spaces and objects.

At Research Design Connections (RDC), we’ve been publishing since 2002.  Over the years, we’ve heard from many of our subscribers.  They’ve let us know that there isn’t another place where they can find the sort of useful, science-based information that’s available at RDC and that they wouldn’t think of working on a project without reviewing the research in RDC.  And they let us know that they trust us; that they believe our discussions of design-related science are complete, accurate, and written in a down-to-earth way. In the past year’s monthly issues, we’ve published nearly 40 major articles/reports, integrating information presented in a slew of publications. And those major articles/reports are in addition to about 350 shorter articles and blog posts covering important and practical findings from single studies that RDC has published in the last year. Subscribers also have access to RDC’s archives: over 2,400 useful articles/reports and blog posts on all aspects of research-informed design. Science-informed design and design research can be tough—keeping up with newly published studies and integrating those new findings with older ones can be difficult. RDC makes it easier to work with science in mind because it reports the research findings needed for design-related decision making. Join the Research Design Connections family.  Gain the information you need to do your best work.

Note: This resource was shared by Sally Augustin, a practicing environmental psychologist and publisher of Research Design Connections (RDC).

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