Human Space

Organisation type: Resource Share

Human Spaces is “a digital hub about health, wellbeing and biophilic design.” In other words, this digital resource powered by Interface, a floor design company, is all about biophilic design.

The website contains free videos, articles, and information on events that concern biophilic design and specifically looks at links between biophilic design and emotions, spaces, and senses. There are especially many practical examples of ways in which biophilic design contribute to creating healthy and more productive workspaces.

All in all, it’s worth a look to learn more about biophilic design.

Spaces: Offices, healthcare, hospitality, retail, homes, education, garden & exteriors, public urban spaces.

Senses: Sound, Vision, olfactory, touch

Emotions: Energise & invigorate, relax & sleep, focus & productivity, de-stress, anxiety reduction, happiness, health and wellbeing.

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