Environmental psychology for design

Document Type: Book
Author: Kopec, David Alan.
Publisher:  New York: Fairchild; London: Troika distributor
First edition: 2006
ISBN: 1609011414
ISBN13: 9781609011413


Dr Kopec provides a good introduction to environmental psychology in this book, especially for those who do not have a psychology background.Awarded the 2006 ASID Joel Polsky Prize, the first edition served as an introduction to the discipline of environmental psychology and inspired readers to embrace its key concepts and incorporate them into their practice.  The second edition explores the questions such as ‘How does a room affect an occupant’s behaviour and well-being?’ ‘How does a building influence its residents’ health?’ with an in-depth look at psychosocial responses to the built environment. This 2nd edition continues to analyze the interaction between environments and human behaviour and well-being while exploring how individual differences related to age, gender, and cultural background impact that interaction. The book provides many proactive initiatives designed to minimize stress and maximize user satisfaction, helping readers to create more comfortable spaces that will both satisfy the needs of the intended occupants and expand the scope of design.


  1. An Introduction to Environmental Psychology
  2. Foundational Theories of Environmental Psychology
  3. Psychobiology and Behavior
  4. Sensation and Perception
  5. The Human Condition
  6. Information Management
  7. Infants, Toddlers, and Childhood
  8. The Elderly Population
  9. Disabled Persons
  10. The Environment Called Home
  11. The Community and Neighborhood
  12. Learning and Education
  13. Office Environments
  14. Healthcare Environments
  15. Resorts and Recreation
  16. Retail and Service Environments


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