EΨch contributors

Contributors are the backbone of the EΨch community. They create original content, look for interesting resources, or ensure a smooth running of the website. Most importantly, though, they add their unique flavors to the community by sharing with the rest of us their insights and specific passions and interests.

We are looking for contributors who volunteer a max of 5 hours a month in one of the following:

  • Events management: find and enter interesting events related to environmental psychology into our calendar (2-3 hrs/month)
  • Resource hunting: find or share open resources on environmental psychology for our resources library (3-4 hrs/month)
  • EΨch Insight: Write, film, speak content into life for EΨch Insight and share environmental psychology with the wider community through your own interests and explorations (4-5 hrs/ month).

Requirements for becoming an EΨch contributor are:

  • Enthusiasm and passion for environmental psychology – we particularly welcome applicants who are passionate about environmental psychology, whether it’s sustainable lifestyles, green architecture, or inclusive design, we want you to inspire us with your love for the subject.
  • Consistent contribution – we don’t expect daily labor under high pressure, but we do want you to be a team member we can rely on, whether it’s only for 1 or 5 hours a month.
  • Basic digital and communication skills – Ideally we’d like for you to be comfortable with things like blogging and social media outreach, but if you’re willing to learn-by-doing we will work with you to develop the skills you want so you can grow and flourish as you desire.

You do not need to be an environmental psychologist or have studied environmental psychology to become a contributor! We value all knowledge, whether it’s from an academic or professional setting, or pursued for personal enjoyment.

Send an email with your CV and two paragraphs on who you are and why you would like to join the EΨch crew to Kübra.


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