Health, Sustainability and the Built Environment

Document Type: Book
Author: Kopec, David Alan.
Publisher:  Fairchild Books
First edition: 2008
ISBN: 1563675250
ISBN13: 9781563675256

With the emergence of sick building syndrome in the 1970s and the emphasis on LEED standards today, interior designers are interested in the topics of health and sustainability. Health, Sustainability, and the Built Environment examine the concept of sustainability as it pertains to sustaining human health. By analyzing the many ways that humans interact with the built environment, the text teaches students how to identify both the positive and negative effects that their designs can have on the health of the occupants

Part I: Introduction to Environmental Health
Chapter 1: Environmental Health and Sustainability
Chapter 2: Overview of Human Body Systems
Chapter 3: Common Environmentally Related Diseases

Part II: The Built Environment and Health Threats
Chapter 4: Common Contaminants
Chapter 5: Indoor Climate
Chapter 6: Energy Systems

Part III: Creating Healthy Environments 
Chapter 7: Ergonomics
Chapter 8: Creating Healthy Environments for Specific Populations
Chapter 9: Safety Considerations
Chapter 10: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

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