Home, Windows, Sunshine and Your Health

Home: a vehicle for wealth and investment or a social good? Thoughts on healthy housing The capitalization of the housing market has changed the concept of home from a necessity to a luxury commodity. As a result, creating a home has become unaffordable, “a vehicle...

EFPSA 2019

Recently I was asked by the organisation of the European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations (EFPSA) Conference 2019 to speak about the applications of environmental psychology. While I was unfortunately unable to attend in person - I gave a digital...

Airports: Spaces that NEED Science

The airports on our planet need environmental psychology.  A lot. They’re packed with people who are stressed, for any number of reasons—some are concerned about making connections, for example, and others are nervous about flying, even if their flights are on...


So what’s ePSIch about, you ask?

Well, let me tell you: we’re an independent, international platform on all things people, places and psychology. Armed with the science of environmental psychology we aim to help professionals like architects, engineers, and policy makers solve issues that prevent people from living their best lives. Everywhere. Always. Has your interest been sparked yet? Good, have a look at the “about” section to learn more.







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